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A Visual Campaign Builder for a Visual Creator

There are awesome, and not so awesome, features with any sales and marketing program on the market. That being said, one feature that makes Infusionsoft stand out above the rest is the Visual Campaign Builder. This feature is unlike anything else that other programs try to provide, and it’s one that can greatly improve your marketing strategies.

For starters, it is incredibly easy to use. You can start with a template or start from scratch, dragging and dropping actions in the sequence you want. It’s all laid out with arrows and everything so you set up exactly at what point in a person’s interaction with your site that they will receive some sort of email. Ontraport doesn’t have this feature. You can choose what forms you want to use and all the sequences and everything but there is no clear page that shows you exactly what sequences you have chosen with arrows and rules and triggers. Basically, it somewhat exists with Ontraport, but it’s not nearly as refined.

All of this marketing goodness isn’t just reserved for emails either. You can set up voice broadcasts, letters and faxes as well. Reminders are set up automatically and you can add multiple delivery timers, meaning you have more control over when the messages are sent out and to whom.

The Visual Campaign Builder isn’t just about creating personalized campaigns that your contacts will actually read and be interested in. It also has improved reporting features so that you can see what people are looking at on your site and tailor your marketing strategies specifically to each person. Your sales team can look at specific leads and can set expiration dates on certain leads get a better idea of what is working and what isn’t.

That’s right. There’s more. The Visual Campaign Builder also works with customizing online order forms. You can make, post, and manage these forms all through the Infusionsoft software. With the drag-and-drop feature, it’s easy to create your own web forms or even to customize a template to fit exactly what you are looking for. Plus, Infusionsoft provides a ton of themes so people can not only enjoy how easy the form is to use, but also how easy it is on the eyes.

Infusionsoft’s Visual Campaign Builder is simply unmatched by other products. Ontraport mimics some of the features, but it isn’t nearly as visual as Infusionsoft and isn’t as easy to manipulate as Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft also combines the campaign builder with various other features like form builders and detailed reporting to make you life that much easier in the end. Bottom line, if you are an extremely visual person when it comes to creating templates and marketing campaigns, Ontraport is good, but  Infusionsoft is better and deserves a bit more of your time and research.

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