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Infusionsoft’s Sales Pipeline

Sales and marketing programs are great for businesses that are trying to expand to the World Wide Web. But for those businesses that are sticking with their traditional side and trying to maintain their offline sales along with the online stuff, Infusionsoft may be better for your business.

Infusionsoft has this handy feature called the sales pipeline. It’s a great way for you to automate the sales process. By setting up different stages, you can reach out to potential clients based on their actions through your site. Send out a welcome email when someone joins your site. Send out another email when they’ve made a purchase. Send out another email after they’ve made a purchase to ensure they are satisfied. And did you miss the part where I said this was all automated? You can use a template pipeline or completely customize your own to cater to your website and your clients. Based on your clients’ actions, emails will be triggered and sent out without your sales team having to work themselves to the bone.

That’s not to say that a little human interaction is a bad thing. Using Infusionsoft’s Opportunity feature, your sales team can look at a client’s browser history to get an idea of where they are at in the sales cycle. From there, they can manually reach out to customers via phone or email with special offers or to follow up.

Setting up these pipelines is really simple too. Remember that wonderful Visual Campaign Builder that allowed you to drag and drop all the processes into place? Well, you can do the same to set up and customize follow-up campaigns. You can drag and drop the steps a person goes through and when the system should send out the emails. Everything is right there in front of you, so it’s easy for you to see exactly where a client is going to receive what emails. Plus, you already know how the visual campaign builder works from using it for other aspects of your business, and if you have any doubts, there is a great step-by-step setup for it on the infusionsoft website.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the program compiles all of that tracking data into reports so you can keep track of how you are during and see if there are things you need to adjust or change. It pretty much optimizes your entire sales process and all you have to do is click a button.

Ontraport doesn’t come close to Infusionsoft when it comes to their offline sales force. They have a custom postcard option, and you can work with their program to send SMS messages or even voicemails, but Infusionsoft’s sales pipeline covers can be customized to fit perfectly with what your business is doing and makes your life and the lives of your sales team members that much easier. You can easily set up the pipeline, track your clients’ interests and use that information to better your efforts in the future. For an offline sales force that blows most other programs out of the water, you’ll want to look more into what Infusionsoft has to offer.

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