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Why Ontraport is Better for WordPress than Infusionsoft

In the fight between Ontraport and Infusionsoft, it’s hard to determine a clear winner. For some people, choosing the better program means looking at the bigger picture. For others, it comes down to certain features that one program offers that another doesn’t. This can be the case for avid WordPress users that are looking for a CRM management software to match. In this case, Ontraport comes out with the gold.

For starters, that monthly fee you pay comes with access to the PilotPress plugin. This all powerful plugin links your WordPress site with your Ontraport account, giving you the ability to manage and track site views and adjust your email marketing strategies based on what your viewers are looking at. In order to get the same service through Infusionsoft, you have to pay an extra fee aside from the start-up fee and monthly fee you are already forking over.

The whole process for setting up the plugin is almost too easy, but for those out there that aren’t quite so fluent in all that technical stuff, the Ontraport website offers step-by-step instructions on how to get everything set up in your current WordPress site or on a new one that you can create. They also give you all the information you need for the fun little things you didn’t know you could actually do with the plugin, like choosing different themes, adding different forms or videos to your age, or managing different customer and affiliate centers.

With the Ontraport plugin, you can also create a membership feature to your website. People can create accounts to subscribe to the site. There’s an option for unpaid or paid membership if you are looking to increase your cash flow. You can manage your memberships and use each person’s specific interests as part of your marketing scheme. You can also set up different levels of membership to give some people more or less access pages, posts, or other content on your site.  As if that isn’t enough, each customer also has their own unique page where they can personalize their account, track their purchases, see their invoices, and interact with the site.

Your affiliates also have their own personal pages. With the Affiliate Center, your affiliates can view their commissions and payments, they can view reports from different date ranges, and they can organize their account information like login info or PayPal stuff. They have the freedom to keep track of everything they need so you have the freedom to keep up with all the new business you are getting from your awesome website.

It all comes down to money and convenience. Infusionsoft may have some ways for you to integrate their program into your already existing or newly created WordPress site, but Ontraport does it better. To add on to that, it’s an included feature with the price you pay. To put it simply, with Ontraport you can do more for less when it comes to WordPress. What more could your business ask for?

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