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PipelineDeals: The Key Details


Why Choose PipelineDeals?

Running a sales team is hard enough without having to fight your CRM to keep track of the leads and their status. That’s where PipelineDeals come in to save the day and sales quarter, by offering complete control over the sales process and steps a customer goes through you can see at a moments notice where you, your team, & your company is at for the quarter. Since the sales person was designed at the center of this you will find relevant information to your clients at your finger tips for a fraction of the price compared to Salesforce.




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Simple Pricing

What's included in this price? Everything
  • Month-to-month contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Free mobile access
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Bank-quality security
  • Amazing support
  • Open API for developers
  • Google Apps integration
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Is Pipeline Deals the Right CRM For You?

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Avg. User Review

  • Support 85%
  • Features 87%
  • Price Vs. Value 92%
  • Reliability 91%

PipeLine Deals: The Bottom Line

I was very impressed with the clean interface and how highly intuitive Pipeline CRM is. I’ve researched and tried several CRMs and I haven’t come across anything like Pipeline.  My team and I are benefiting tremendously from its flexibility. For example, I can attach more than one person to a deal, I can convert them into contacts and switch back if I need to. This isn’t something offered in any other CRMs, yet it fits my needs perfectly, some contacts may change companies so they do not need to be nurtured all over again. I also like how easy it was to create tasks, one click got me about 8 months’ worth of follow-ups set up in the system. The interface is very simple and their customer services is awesome! My suggestions were well welcome and I received a very positive feedback each time, I appreciate that very much and look forward to see upgrade, seeing they are open to implement suggestions.

CONS I wasn’t too happy with the lack of integrated email… it does offer a BCC inbound/outbound solution, but would like to send emails within. I would like to see integration with aweber, help desk and other standard software to better follow the sales funnel. Last I feel that this CRM is more focused on sales and it doesn’t quite fit other areas of my business where dollars within a pipeline or hot/cold markers  do  not make a great notification for what my business require.


  • Sales Pipeline
  • Mobile Apps
  • Faster than Salesforce


  • No Ticketing System
  • Per User Pricing
  • Manually Delete Duplicates

Support Options

  • 24/7 FAQ, Videos, Knowledge Base
  • Phone M-F 8am-8pm EST
  • 24/7 Email